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Government working exclusively with Sprint for 2010 Census

Chris Ziegler

Screw the Pre -- government contracts are where the real action is at, and Sprint's got to be thrilled to know that it's the first, the last, and the only carrier to be used by the US Census in its 2010 once-per-decade review of the nation's denizens. We've known for some time that HTC would be supplying custom hardware to data collection folks in the field -- a device cleverly codenamed Census -- and indeed, Sprint's press release makes mention of the fact that about 140,000 workers started using the Harris-branded devices with integrated fingerprint readers and GPS back in April of this year. Sprint's also supplying a bit of infrastructure and about 1,500 wireless data cards, all told making this by far the most wireless Census in history. Makes you wonder what kind of equipment they're going to use in 2020, doesn't it?

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