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Saywhut? Trine dev says XBLA release is 'speculation' [Update: Frozenbyte responds]

Anatomy of confusion:
  1. At E3 earlier this month, Atlus announces that they'll be publishing Frozenbyte's very impressive co-op platformer Trine on Xbox Live Arcade.
  2. Primotech is purportedly told by an Atlus representative at E3 that the Xbox Live Arcade release will feature online co-op as well as offline. Neither the PC nor PSN versions, both of which are being released much sooner than the XBLA version, will feature online co-op.
  3. Shacknews links Primotech's assertion, and Joystiq in turn links that.
  4. Developer Frozenbyte takes to the forums to clear the confusion, stating that "The XBLA version and its features is just speculation at this point."
Wait, what? "The XBLA version ... is just speculation at this point"?

Developer fb_joel writes, "... as developers, we would love as many people as possible to be able to play our games and therefore I hope Trine will eventually find its way to XBLA too." So, not only is Frozenbyte stating that online co-op in the Xbox Live Arcade version is "speculation" but that the XBLA release itself is speculation as well! We bet Atlus wishes someone told them that at E3!

The developer later said, "On the actual topic I will not comment as no-one knows anything about XBLA at this point, and I really hope when some people do know, I would be one of them." Yeah, we're right there with you. GamerBytes reported from E3 that Trine "hasn't been given the official nod from Microsoft for concept approval, and therefore Atlus are unable to send out press releases or other information about the game." That may explain why, when contacted for this story, Atlus responded with a very terse "no comment." We've reached out to Frozenbyte as well, and will update this story accordingly.

[Update: We've heard from Frozenbyte's Lauri Hyvärinen and here's what they say: "An XBLA version of Trine is a possibility but nothing more at present time. We would love to have Trine on XBLA and we've partnered with Atlus to make it happen, but it needs Microsoft's approval and there are other factors as well. So it may happen or it may not, that's really the current situation. Everything else ranging from release date to features is just speculation and isn't based on any facts. As soon as we know more we will also inform everyone else :)

So, there you have it. Trine on XBLA is not a sure thing. There, there ... it'll be okay.]


[Via Shacknews]

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