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Image credit: CEO 'would love' to bring new streaming service to Canadian console owners

Yesterday, announced a partnership with Sonic Solutions to become the first online streaming film and TV show rental service in Canada. Speaking with Joystiq, CEO Curt Millar said his company "would love" to bring the service to Canadian video game consoles -- similar to the Netflix streaming service currently available on Xbox 360's in the United States -- but no agreements are in place with any of the three game console manufacturers.

"Our whole strategy on this is to be available on every platform that we can be available on," Millar said. "We believe for consumer adoption to be high, you need to have it so that the consumer doesn't have to worry about how it works. It should just work on everything." According to Millar, partnering with an American company -- such as Sonic Solutions -- allows to put forth "a better presentation" when looking to secure agreements with partners, like the major console makers.

Streaming content to consoles isn't exactly new to's partner. Sonic Solutions recently announced it would begin offering movies from its catalog to Fujisoft's streaming Wii video service, Minna no Theater Wii, in Japan through its Roxio CinemaNow platform.

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