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Deadly Creatures may have failed, but its tech lives on


Rainbow Studios' Deadly Creatures apparently didn't work out at retail. For whatever reason, the Wii audience just wasn't excited about a game featuring a scorpion and a tarantula having adventures and getting into fights, despite how awesome that premise is.

THQ CEO Brian Farrell, however, isn't dwelling on the sales or declaring no more Wii development. He offered a surprisingly positive outlook on the situation in an interview with G4's Feed. "... we have great Wii technology there now and so we're developing other games -- stay tuned for the announcements," he said, "but we intend to leverage that great technology on the Wii in the future."

Having a well-designed Wii engine is good news indeed, especially since Deadly Creatures was a pretty nice-looking game (well, actually it was disgusting, but in a technically impressive way).

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