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First Quake Arena Arcade screen drops, new level and all

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It's been awhile since we've heard anything "official" regarding Quake Arena Arcade, the Xbox Live Arcade port of Quake III Arena. For example, we just found out that "Quake Arena Arcade" is the title of the game! First announced nearly two years ago at QuakeCon 2007, the Pi Studios-developed title was MIA until John Carmack told Joystiq in February that the title was "very close" to being finished.

Now, with the power of Twitter at its side, Pi Studios has ushered the very first screenshot of the game into this world. Sure, it's a pretty boring menu screen; however, the more astute amongst you will notice things like: new levels! "Cliffside"? That looks awfully bright and airy compared to the Quake III Arena we remember (see: Arena Gate). Pi Studios' site has some more details on the game: 40 Arenas in single and multiplayer; 16-player multiplayer; leaderboards, matchmaking; and oodles of game modes, including "Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Tournament, Harvester and Overload."

So, "very close" eh? We don't see it in this here Summer of Arcade post ... maybe QuakeCon will bring more news.

[Via Gamerbytes]

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