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Pioneer refreshes, lowers prices on its Elite receivers

Steven Kim

If you love the good stuff -- and who doesn't -- then the four new receivers Pioneer has dropped into its Elite lineup might be your cup of tea. Slotted in at the high end of the range are the SC-27 (pictured) and SC-25; and the prices of $2,000 and $1,700 respectively even manage to shave a few dollars off the outgoing SC-07 and SC-05. The SC-25 and SC-27 both hold up the ICEPower tradition, and the SC-27 wears a THX Ultra2 Plus badge -- the first class D amplifier to earn the distinction. Add in the Burr-Brown DACsADCs and Wolfson DACs on these two and you've got the makings of top-end gear. Lower on the totem pole but continuing the trend of shaving a few bucks off the older models (VSX-01TXH and VSX-03TXH) are the VSX-21TXH ($700) and VSX-23TXH ($900). As you'd expect, all the Elites get loaded up with a heap of Pioneer's best wizardry, including MCACC room correction, network connectivity and (of course) compatibility with iPods and iPhones. There's plenty of other good info in the press release, so hit the link for the full details.

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