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Ether Saga Online launches, increases level cap

William Dobson

Ether Saga Online is now officially live, and as we found out last month at E3 from the game's developers Perfect World, this event has gone hand in hand with a large update. We already knew about the introduction of an "Easy" setting for instances, a new world boss, and the reduction of "kill X number of monsters" quests, but there was also an increase to the level cap. In this patch the maximum level has gone from 90 to 105, and getting through these levels will grant the player lots of brand new class skills.

The launched ESO is a free-to-play title, and the client can be found here. Check after the break for the full launch patch information.

The latest Ether Saga Online game play update includes additional features and enhancements such as:

  • Increased Level Cap to 105 - Characters gain access to 13 new class skills from levels 91-105, effectively doubling the number of core player skills.
  • Quest Line Enhancements – The main quest line from levels 1-45 has been streamlined to introduce players to the game mechanics and reduce the number of kill quests.
  • New Raid Encounter – A new raid has been introduced. Designed for 6-24 players, The Obscurity is sure to challenge adventurers.
  • New Difficulty Modes – Now features Easy and Hard modes for dungeons to encourage more casual gamers to compete in quests.
  • Enhanced Gear Upgrading – Enhancements to the gear upgrading system provide players with new options to increase their chances for successful upgrades.
  • New Monsters! – The addition of new elite monsters and the White Dragon world boss further adds to one of the most compelling aspects of Ether Saga Online's game play.

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