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Infinite Space launching Spring 2010, animated trailer launching right now


When Sega released the first episode of its Production I.G/Gonzo-animated Infinite Space video series in Japan, we were quite pleased to look at it, but our rudimentary understanding of the language prevented us from gleaning anything substantive from the story.

Luckily, Sega has started translating the videos into English, with voice acting and everything, and we can now enjoy both looking at them and knowing what's going on. The voice acting is pretty much what you'd expect from American anime releases, but it's a small price to pay for comprehension. In this trailer, we see that a crash-landed "Watcher" gives protagonist Yuri the opportunity to build his own spaceship.

This trailer comes along with Sega's announcement of a spring 2010 release date in North America. We can only hope it continues releasing translated videos to tide us over.

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