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PSP Go processor more than 40% faster than original


The PSP Go isn't just smaller than the original PSP series -- it's more powerful. In fact, it features a processor that's more than 40% faster than the original. The original PSP (1000-3000) series include a processor capable of reaching 333MHz speeds. FCC documents reveal that the PSP Go (N1001) includes a processor that can go up to 480MHz.

It's unclear what the added processor power will be used for. It may be necessary for PSP Go-specific features, like in-game XMB. But will it be used in more traditional gaming applications? If so, could we possibly see PSP Go-exclusive games? Perhaps. Nintendo has released a very small number of applications exclusively for the upgraded DSi, which also features a much beefier processor than its predecessor so there's portable precedence.

Update: Sony says the 480MHz was referring to the USB.

[Via Sony Insider]

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