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Twitter added to Champions Online, social butterflies rejoice

Kyle Horner

The first July 2009 State of the Game for Champions Online is out and it sure came with an interesting surprise. Namely, the addition of Twitter to the in-game feature set. Now we're sure some of you will scoff at this idea, but sit there for a moment while we paint you a mental picture.

You're inside a rather challenging instance, only moments away from the big fight. Your party is getting ready, resting up, etc and so you take a moment to hammer out a short message to your friends on Twitter. "Oh man, about to take on my Nemesis, Big Bad Boss Man, wish us luck!" you say, netting you a few encouraging replies. Then you engage and the ensuing carnage is nigh legendary. The party just takes a serious beating and is torn limb from heroic limb by your Nemesis. You decide to share this with the world, only to see your buddies instantly share their empathetic thoughts on your embarrassing defeat.

We think it's got some substantially fun possibilities. Plus, if Cryptic can work in Twitter support to their games, what else could they do? Facebook seems like the next step, but there's also Pandora and Last.FM support to consider, too.

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