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Guild Wars Dragon Festival offers a roaring good time

If you're one of the many Guild Wars players out there, you're probably well aware of the festival that occurs right around this time each year. If, like some others, you have Guild Wars - probably even installed on your machine, but haven't logged in for a little while - then now is the time to head back in-game! Why? Because it's time for the Shing Jea Boardwalk to reappear, heralding the opening of the annual Dragon Festival.

Compared to the demon mask being offered as a turn-in for 250 Victory Tokens last year, the team at Arenanet have really outdone themselves with this year's wicked-looking Imperial Dragon Mask, seen above. Players who want one of these shiny, limited-time holiday masks will have to bring their best skills to the mini-games on the boardwalk like Dragon Arena and the Rollerbeetle Races. The event runs through Sunday, July 5th for those wanting to get in on the party and score some wicked limited-time Guild Wars goodies.

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