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Sony patents more motion tech, uses everyday objects


We'd be lying if we didn't say we're a bit worried about the future of gaming controllers. Between the Nintendo's MotionPlus, Microsoft's Project Natal and Sony's ... erm ... motion thing, our precious game pads get more and more antique looking every day. And according to a recent patent filed by Sony that Siliconera found, our precious controllers have one more thing to fear: everyday objects.

That's right, friends -- in the future, we could be using our real-life keys to open doors, our swords to slice up fools, and our guns (not outside of the US) to shoot up the screen "accidentally." The patent shows off a PlayStation Eye-based system that can recognize 3D objects and use them in-game based on various actions taken by the player -- something Microsoft claims it's Natal is also capable of doing. Various household items will be affected in different ways, the example given being a U-shaped object that, when turned upwards, becomes a sword, versus a U-shaped block when facing downwards (think Halo's Covenant Energy Sword). Apparently the system is able to scan a whole mess of objects and store them in a databank for future use. Like so much future tech we've seen recently, we're taking this one with a full truckload of salt until we get some face time.

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