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The Daily Grind: Greener grass

Lesley Smith

I've played Alliance since Day One of my time in World of Warcraft. Granted I've dabbled now and then with Horde, I've always been so depressed by the starting zones that I never went further than level 4. However my recent experience with Aion and leveling both factions has given me a new perspective on playing 'good' and 'evil' factions. Indeed terms like that are fast becoming obsolete. So when a friend of mine told me she had rolled a Horde on a backwater server (describing her toon as 'furry with horns') I was eager to join her. Of all the Horde races, the Tauren seem the least evil, the most peaceful and have the prettiest starter zone. So I rolled a female shaman just to be completely different and my friend chose a male warrior.

The grass really is greener on the other side of the fence. The quests are new, as is the lore and while the actual objectives are often similar it's like seeing an MMO with a new pair of eyes. Indeed I think it could totally change how you enjoy a particular MMO and how you play it. When it comes to WoW specifically, this is even more the case now that Blizzard have revealed their plans to allow you to change your faction. So, come on readers, have you leveled a toon in (insert your chosen MMO here), got them geared up and then decided to see things from the other side? Did you switch because you wanted a change? Was it the lore? Better quests? A chance to do something different? If you were like me, would you consider jumping ship and re-rolling during your next bout of burn out? Speak up, constant readers, and drop your comments in the box.

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