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The first video of N+ dev's 'Robotology'


In fairness, Metanet Software's first video for Robotology (found after the break) is more physics demo than it is gameplay demo -- or even proof of concept, for that matter. Though considering the pedigree behind the game (Metanet made N+, this week's Xbox Live deal!), we're willing to overlook the less than thrilling minute-plus video in celebration of the sheer tenacity with which Metanet attacks its game development.

In fact, according to the Metanet website, the action in the video represents, "almost 800 lines of code, painstakingly hand-transcribed from graph paper and Flash mockups" -- oh my! Here's hoping it all pays off when the game ships ... eventually. And now, friends, we play the waiting game.

[Via Eurogamer]

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