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Microsoft confirms 1 vs 100 prizes start Friday, July 10; more details about continuing beta


Microsoft has confirmed the news from Friday that the 1 vs 100 beta marches on; meanwhile, skill-based prizes for the mob and "The One" (up to 10,000 / $125) will begin this Friday, July 10, in the US and Canada. There is also a second sweepstakes going on for an HDTV and Zune, where players win an entry for "every question they answer" in the Live show and during Extended play.

A company rep also informed us that the beta season is "scheduled to run for 13 weeks and began on June 1." By our Roman calendar calculations, that means the "real" season begins in September.

Addendum: Once again, prizes aren't available for residents of Connecticut, Iowa, Maryland, Vermont, and the great province of Quebec.

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