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NCsoft reveals Aion's warrior subclasses

Lesley Smith

With Closed Beta Test 3 for NCsoft's Aion finishing earlier today, they're keen to keep interest until the next phase of the beta. With this in mind, they have released some shiny new images of the Warrior subclasses; the Gladiator and the Templar. Just to recap, you play a Warrior until level 9 and, upon ascending, you must choose which class to specialise in. Do you want to just kick some arse? Go Gladiator. If you're after more of a hybrid with the ability to keep yourself and your mates alive, go Templar.

NCsoft have released three shots of each subclass. Frankly they don't really tell you much about the specific subclasses or their abilities. However that doesn't stop them being great eye candy. Think of them as an advertisement to show you what Atreia can really offer MMO players, it's all about looking completely awesome in kickarse gear. Seriously, the avatar in the image above looks really, really cool. Anyway, don't forget to check out the gallery below.

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