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Pimp your ride, Lord of the Rings Online style


Ok, ok, so the contest isn't called "Pimp Your Horse," but Codemasters does want you to submit your own designs for a new horse in Lord of the Rings Online. Here's the chance for aspiring artists to really customize a game that they love by submitting original designs for horse coloring, saddle color, and blanket design. Or you could do what we did and find the worst possible design to put on your horse, followed by a flame decal. Oh yeah, totally rockin'.

The winner (which will totally be our lightning fast purple speed mount we named "Schuster's Shooter") will receive a Codemasters goodie bag, a unique forum title and avatar, and their design appearing in the live game as a player mount. Two runners up will also get the the goodie bag and forum prizes as well.

So what are you waiting for? Get in the saddle and start designing!

Update: Turbine just got in contact with us, and apparently the contest is for United States and North American audiences too! Go, design, let one horse rule them all!

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