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Time runs out for Zelda-esque chicken strip auction


One Zelda fan discovered that McDonalds had selected a very special Chicken Selects strip for him: one that bears a resemblance to the Ocarina of Time from, well, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. The one on the right is the chicken strip -- we know it can be hard to tell the two near-identical images apart. After holding the treasure aloft and singing the classic Zelda "You Found an Item" fanfare (we are approximately 100% certain this happened), the lucky owner of the magical instrument ... -shaped chicken strip decided to share his good fortune. By putting it on eBay.

Despite starting bidding at a reasonable (for a legendary artifact) $25, nobody bid on 0iz0's auction for some old food. Now what is he to do? How does one dispose of something like this?

[Thanks, George!]

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