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Duke Nukem to make those aliens pay for shooting up his ride on iPhone


That's right, everyone's favorite ass kicker and bubble gum enthusiast is making a new home on the iPhone, as IGN reports 3D Realms' superb FPS, Duke Nukem 3D, will be available on the iPhone App store soon. Ported by Machineworks Northwest, this direct PC port will feature the entire original game, so you'll be able to tip those working girls and relieve yourself in the game's many bathrooms soon enough.

After spending some time with a preview build, IGN had nothing but good things to say, especially about the improved graphics. IGN didn't knock the controls, either, and said there will be two options: tap-to-shoot and a classic scheme. There's no word on when the game will be available on the App store, but we'll be sure to let you know as soon as it is.

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