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GB intros budget-priced, Atom-based X1200 thin-and-light


This one doesn't look to be heading into the hands of consumers just yet, but China's GB is now apparently shopping its new X1200 thin-and-light around on the OEM market in the hope that some company will pick it up and do their rebadging thing with it -- and from the looks of it, they likely won't have much trouble finding some takers. Like some other hard to peg down laptops, this one packs the still somewhat rare combo of a 12-inch screen and an Atom processor, along with some otherwise standard specs including 1GB of RAM, a 160GB hard drive, a built-in webcam, and a pair of USB ports. No word on a potential price just yet, but it'll no doubt be a fair bit more than the 2,200 yuan (or $322) that GB itself is currently asking for it -- in large quantities, presumably.

[Via SlashGear]

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