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Rumor: 2K Sports prepping NBA 2K10: Draft Combine for XBLA/PSN


2K Games is opening up a very dangerous door, apparently, as a source close to Joystiq has passed along info on the company's new game for PSN and XBLA, called NBA 2K10: Draft Combine. Set to release alongside NBA 2K10, the spinoff game will allow players to take potential draftees through a rigorous training routine, boosting their stats before being drafted into the retail game.

We call it a "dangerous door," because, frankly, it is. Many criticize sports titles for offering little variety or improvements in each yearly iteration, and Draft Combine sounds like it could be a way to milk sports fans for even more dough. Of course, not knowing further details about the rumored game, this is just speculation, and should be taken as such. Still, if it turns out as our worst fears predict (that Draft Combine is a minigame-like feature split from NBA 2K10 and sold separately), then we're sure there are bound to be some upset gamers out there. Oh, and if you're a person in the know, then feel free to hit up our tips box with more details. Anonymity assured!

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