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Rumor: LucasArts bringing Lucidity to XBLA


An inside source close to Joystiq has informed us LucasArts is bringing a brand new game (imagine that!) to XBLA, coinciding with the company's focus on downloadable releases as of late. Dubbed Lucidity, this title is described as a kind of side-scrolling adventure ... with a twist. Instead of controlling the main character, Sofi, in the traditional manner, players instead place certain objects in her path as she independently navigates the gameworld. As she runs into these objects, she will use them to tackle whatever obstacle is in her way.

The game will definitely have a fantasy element to it, as it supposedly takes place inside of Sofi's head while she's looking for her grandmother. Let's just hope there's no big bad wolf waiting at grandma's to gobble her up, though.

Stay tuned for further developments -- or please hit up our tips line if you've got additional details.

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