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BioWare: EA owns Mass Effect IP (Translation: It could still come to PS3) [update]


We've been doing a lot of wondering about BioWare lately: wondering what the company is going to do with the Wii; wondering what our saves from the first Mass Effect will do to the sequel. But most of all, we've been wondering if Mass Effect 2 will be making its way to the PlayStation 3, like its dragon-infused brother, Dragon Age: Origins. So we asked BioWare's Matt Atwood directly about the possibility of the game coming to PS3, to which he responded, "We've only announced 360 and PC. At this point we're really focused on those platforms."

We understand, Matt, but what about the intellectual property itself? Does EA own the Mass Effect name? "Yes. EA owns the rights to Mass Effect." And so, as far as exclusivity between Mass Effect and Microsoft, that doesn't exist? "That's right," he told us.

Update: Matt Atwood at BioWare just contacted us to clarify his statements from earlier today regarding Mass Effect 2's exclusivity to Xbox 360 and PC. He says, "It [exclusivity] actually does exist for Mass Effect 2. And beyond that, we haven't announced any plans."

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