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Fan recreating Kojima's Snatcher in Crysis Wars


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One of Hideo Kojima's lesser-known works (to most English-speaking folk, anyway) is Snatcher, a game released to the West on the Sega-CD/Mega-CD way back in 1994. Featuring cyberpunk elements, this adventure game is fondly remembered by some, and the focal point for a new mod in Crysis Wars.

ModDB user ASH172 has been working on this project since February of last year, all by his lonesome. The mod, which looks to recreate the classic game in full, was started using Crytek's CryEngine2, SandBox2 and SDK tools, but now ASH172 is looking to transfer the project over to the Crysis Wars engine, SDK, and tools.

Snatcher enjoys quite the cult following, and in the right circles will net you a stabbing should you diss it. So, in the interest of internal organ preservation, we're totally down with this.

[Thanks, Buffel!]

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