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FCC approves Casio's G'zOne Rock, probably Verizon-bound

Chris Ziegler

Casio has developed a well-entrenched reputation on Verizon for bringing mercilessly rugged phones to market -- a strange reputation, considering how few phones Casio sells in North America in general -- but at any rate, it looks like that trend's probably going to continue with the new "G'zOne Rock" that just garnered FCC certification. It's a CDMA set with EV-DO and Bluetooth (what else), and from the ID label document's outline, we get the sense that this is a flip that doesn't diverge too far from the edgy design cues set forth by the Boulder before it. No word on when this one will be available, but we bet this FCC lab is having a blast "torture testing" it in the meantime.

[Via Phone Scoop]

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