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LucasArts classics now on Steam, priced ... wisely

Sure, news that George Lucas himself had dug out his leather jacket, fedora, and whip in order to go exploring in the LucasArts vaults for forgotten treasure may have made your Monday but now the honeymoon's over and you're faced with the harsh reality of putting down real money. How much will they be? Do you want to pay to replay old games? Is your "red" the same as my "red"? These are all important questions ...

... so we were heartened to see the pricing schema in place on Steam this afternoon. Per @lucasartsgames Twitter feed, "pricing is easy." There's a "5-10-20 model" meaning classic adventure games are $5 (that's LOOM, The Dig, and the two Indiana Jones adventure games on here, as well as Star Wars Starfighter, though it sort of messes up our categorization here). For $10, you have your choice of squad-based Republic Commando and Armed and Dangerous. And for $20, you can choose from LEGO Indiana Jones, Star Wars Battlefront II, and Thrillville: Off the Rails.

We don't know about you, but $5 for a classic adventure game smells like a bargain to us (mmm, bargain). And with promised Steam bundles on the way ("CHEAP!") there's more value to be had if you like your Abe Lincolns to go a little further. Buying anything today? Share with us in the comments.

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