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Name Atlus's new PSP brawler


Atlus has announced plans to publish Kenka Bancho 3, Spike's PSP brawler about Japanese high school gangs. Since this will be the first Western release for the over-the-top fighting series, it doesn't have an English name yet. And "Kenka Bancho" is slightly difficult to translate in a snappy manner: it basically means "tough guy who leads a rumble."

Kenka Bancho 3 stars a Japanese high school student who leads his gang into a bunch of fights on a school trip, and features open-world and RPG elements, a character creator, and two-player cooperative play.

Along with the announcement of the new game, Atlus sent out a survey to its "Atlus Faithful" asking for help picking a new title. The names include stuff like Badass Rumble, Fist of the Bancho, and other possibilities that make us think that it should just be called Kenka Bancho. It's better in our opinions to have an incomprehensible Japanese title than to know that the game is called Turf Wars.

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