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PSA: 'Syphon Filter 5', 'SOCOM 4' not in development


In spite of previous reports, Syphon Filter 5 and SOCOM 4 are not in development -- well, at least not the games referenced on PCB Productions' credits page. The listings for what appeared to be new titles in the Syphon Filter and SOCOM franchise were actually vague references to PSP games. "Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror was recorded a few years back with Image Metrics," a representative clarified to CVG. "We recently worked on Socom FTB 3 for the PSP."

While this denial doesn't discount the possibility of a new Syphon Filter game in the future, we have to admit we're disappointed that the franchise's possible return will happen later, rather than sooner. Considering the amazing progress the franchise made on PSP, we'd love to see what's possible with the power of the PS3.

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