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WoW Moviewatch: Steak Sandwiches


Over the weekend, America celebrated its Independence Day on July 4th. And while Azeroth may not have exactly the same holiday, certainly most folks are aware of the fireworks that happen to take place on the same day.

Maestro of Comedy Oxhorn released the new video over the weekend, celebrating America's Independence Day. The video, called Steak Sandwiches, only features two of Oxhorn's regular characters. Oxhorn and Mortuus take a break to enjoy a favorite past-time of Oxhorn's Horde. That past-time, specifically, is strapping gnomes to rockets and firing them into the air.

This video is pretty short, and has the same, endearing sense of comedy that Oxhorn displays in all his movies. The combination of his scripting, music, and voice acting always seems to nail the subject just right. While I find gnome punting jokes tiresome usually, something about the way Oxhorn delivers his comedy even gets me laughing out loud.

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