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DC Universe teases their Comic-Con exclusive poster


Who does this lovely face belong to? That's for you to decide as DC Universe Online teases their exclusive San Diego Comic-Con poster on their Myspace blog.

The full poster, which will be given out to anyone who visits the DCUO booth at Comic-Con, hasn't been revealed just yet. However, according to bad puns placed on official blogs, we will be "clawing" to get our hands on one. Catwoman? Huntress? (We're voting for Catwoman, personally.) Either way, it looks like another iconic hero will be revealed and confirmed as appearing in the final game.

Now all we have to do is barge our way into Comic-Con, use our ingenious grapple guns to swing over across the convention floor, and then steal all of the posters so no one will ever know who the new hero is. Then that will lead into our plans for world domination... oh, wait, we probably shouldn't have blogged that out loud.

Um, er... Who do you guys think it is?

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