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Fallen Earth staging a scavenger hunt contest for beta players

James Egan

The team at Fallen Earth have announced a July 11th contest for beta testers of their post-apocalyptic MMO. Given the title's setting, you'd imagine they'd give out prizes like a lawnmower-blade boomerang or a tommy rivet gun. Fallen Earth's legal department felt otherwise. They've opted for less deadly prize giveaways, but no less useful: an Nvidia GeForce GTX 260 video card, Razer Death Adder gaming mice, and of course various bits of Fallen Earth swag.

Fallen Earth beta testers who take part in the July 11 stress test (12pm - 3pm EST), for 30 minutes or more, are automatically eligible to win prizes. But they can also increase their odds of winning that gear by competing in the Scavenger Challenge, with details to be announced on the Fallen Earth forums on the day of the contest. Essentially, the devs will post a list of items that can be found in-game. Each item found will count as another entry in the contest. If you're a Fallen Earth beta tester, you can find more info and contest rules on their Scavenger Challenge announcement page.

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