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Going to Afrika will be affordable


Natsume is finally bringing the long-delayed Afrika to American audiences this year. The nature-themed photography game is very much a niche title, but its production values are far beyond what a typical budget game offers. Pricing is a tricky subject for the publisher to handle, as its games aren't meant really for casual gamers. "We are not so interested in the so-called 'value' titles," Yasuhiro Maekawa explained to Gamasutra. "Most of the Natsume games I'd say are about in the middle. Sort of normal retail price titles with normal graphical levels."

So what will the publisher pursue for Afrika? "For a PlayStation 3 title, this will probably be $49.99. That's what we're thinking. Between $39.99 and $49.99. $59.99 is probably too much." At $50, Afrika isn't really a "budget" game, but it's still cheaper than the average new PS3 game. Is that low enough for you to consider purchasing the game? Or should it drop down to $40?

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