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NCsoft's Lani Blazier reveals Aion's Spiritmaster class

Lesley Smith

NCsoft's Lani 'Liv' Blazier has revealed more detailed information on Aion's Mage subclass, the Spiritmaster, in an interview with Ten Ton Hammer. Spiritmasters are, as their name suggests, able to summon spirits who will help them battle. In the beta, it's common to see Spiritmasters running around with a fiery minion at their heels but Lani is keen to let everyone know that there's a lot more skill to playing this class than meets the eye:

"In the Aion beta, Spiritmasters can summon four kinds of spirits, each based on one of the core elements: earth, wind, fire, and water. At Aion's release, we will introduce a fifth spirit. This new spirit is specific to a character's race. Asmodian Spiritmasters will be able to summon a spirit that is a combination of the elements of fire and earth, and Elyos Spiritmasters will be able to summon a spirit that is a combination of wind and water. Each spirit has different abilities. It can be challenging at times to recognize which element would be best to call on, and it is a mark of a player's experience in the class to become skilled at this decision. Using the right spirit at the right time can be the difference between winning or losing a battle."

Check out the full interview for more information.

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