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Splinter Cell: Conviction pre-order bonus is opposite of stealthy

Listen, Ubisoft. You're taking your flagship stealth franchise in a decidedly un-stealthy direction -- we get that. We got it at E3 when you showed us the game's high-octane gunfights during the Microsoft press conference, and we certainly got it when you showed us hobo-Sam blowing up hot dog carts in a crowded park. Don't you think you're pushing the message a tad hard by making the pre-order bonus for Splinter Cell: Conviction an in-game semi-automatic shotgun? That's like, the least stealthy weapon in the world.

From the gameplay we've seen, it looks like players will be able to choose between stealth and brute force -- why not throw a free sneaky-themed weapon in there as well? Maybe a prison shank? A garrote? Or perhaps love -- the sneakiest weapon of them all. Yeah, man. That's deep.

[Via Destructoid]

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