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Phat Loot Phriday: Constellus

Mike Schramm

Not all of us get to run around with Val'aynr. But for you mace casters out there who aren't first on your guild's Legendary list, here's another sweet mace to hunt down.

Name: Constellus (Wowhead, Thottbot, Armory)Type: Epic Main Hand Mace
Damage/Speed: 93-298 / 1.80 (108.8 DPS)
  • +55 Stamina, +54 Intellect
  • Blue socket with a +5 Spell Power bonus
  • Improves crit strike rating by 29, restores 19 mana per five seconds, and improves spell power by 587

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  • That spell power is the key stat -- along with another high level item in your other hand, it holds its own against some of the best Staves in the game.
  • And yes, Val'anyr is shinier and more legendary. But not everyone can get that one, so this one is probably just as good until you're able to farm for the orange.
  • Not to mention that it looks awesome. I personally like the "earthy" feel of Ulduar weapons like this -- the shiny stars is nice too, but this kind of art looks better to me.
How to Get It: It used to only come from Algalon's gift beat him down in hard mode (which was really tough), but more recently it's also been appearing inside Hodir's Cache of Winter, obtained if you beat Hodir's hard mode fight. Since Algalon requires you to beat Hodir's hard mode anyway, we assume that's probably where you'll see it first, so get up to Hodir in 25-man, bring him down under three minutes to earn the achievement and the Rare Cache of Winter, and this one might be inside. Win the roll and it's yours.

Getting Rid of It: Disenchants, as usual, into an Abyss Crystal, and sells back to vendors for 24g 26s 86c. Of course, you probably won't get rid of it until you've collected all of the pieces for the legendary (or until patch 3.2 appears, whichever comes first), but until then, it'll probably serve you well.

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