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Samsung's YP-R1 spotted in the wild leering at kids


We like bubble-gum icons and ginger bread men holding "Touch Me!" signs as much as any predator. It's just not the first motif that comes to mind when choosing an interface for what otherwise looks to be yet another mainstream digital media player. Perhaps Samsung's YP-R1 is targeting 9-year old Korean girls -- however, that sure looks like a brushed metal box to us, not teddy-bear taffeta affixed to a Mickey Mouse effigy as we'd expect. Otherwise, the YP-R1 is the same 2.6-inch touchscreen 400 x 260 pixel player with up to 32GB (€149 for 8GB model) of storage we've already seen only now with an expected September ship date, at least in France. One more shot after the break. What can we say -- this is what you get when we hope to be surprised.

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