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Start killin': Battlefield 1943 'Coral Sea' challenge has started


The Battlefield 1943 community challenge to unlock the "Coral Sea" map is a go -- that is, for those who can get into a game. The bonus battlefield will unlock as soon as the individual communities on Xbox 360 and PS3 reach a body count of 43 million. We'd give you the current kill count as of this writing, but it's jumped nearly 50K in this brief time. The corpses are piling up fast!

If someone with math skills wants to track the figures over the next day or so and give us a rough estimate of when they estimate the map should unlock, we won't hold it against you. Once "Coral Sea" opens up, if should include an "Air Superiority game mode." Get killin', folks, who knows if there'll be another carrot dangled in front of us when this challenge is done. We hope there will be.

Update: As of 12:19PMEST on 7/13/09 -- Xbox 360: 30,102,476; PS3: 16,434,208 [Thanks, Doug]

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