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Champions Online PvP explained

Kyle Horner

In Champions Online, where everyone is supposed to be a super-powered hero, how do you explain those heroes beating the snot out of each other?

Cryptic has obviously given this question some thought and just recently they revealed their plans and Champions Online Daily News has the details. There are three kinds of PvP encounters planned for launch and the whole system pays homage to the creators of Champions Online, Hero Games. The Hero Games is a system of sanctioned and unsanctioned PvP that branches into three areas: one-on-one dueling, a free-for-all zone known as Bash and the fully sponsor endorsed Millennium City Ultimate Tournament of Champions -- where players can queue up and go into combat alone or in a group of five friends.

According to Cryptic, the ultimate goal is to have PvP available to players no matter where they are in the game world. We're just wondering if this will be enough for people who do want PvP and if those who don't care will bother all too much with the system. Hopefully it all works out come September.

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