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Fallen Earth sniper trailer shows that 'life is cheap, bullets are expensive'

James Egan

Fallen Earth is an upcoming post-apocalyptic MMO that will take place in a near-future setting, one ravaged by nuclear war and viral epidemic, sparsely populated by a factionalized society of survivors. Although the game is still in beta, the Fallen Earth team has been stepping up their game trailer releases and the latest introduces us to a mercenary of sorts.

The video shows us the lengths (or depths) a person will go to for a handful of irradiated squash: stabbings, beatings, and for the sake of expediency, sniper headshots. Still, in Fallen Earth, "life is cheap, bullets are expensive" and the video aims to show us more of the game's harsh setting. Stick with us after the jump for a look at the latest HD video from Fallen Earth:

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