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Japanese hardware sales, June 29 - July 5: Pottermania edition

Our every action over these past two weeks have felt completely inconsequential -- when measured against the action we'll be taking Tuesday night at midnight, each one just seems pointless. The action we speak of is, of course, our viewing of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince -- the latest film adaptation of J.K. Rowling's successful series of books. Oh, sorry, did we say "successful series of books?" We meant literary black tar heroin.

For the better part of the past decade, we were complete junkies for Rowling's nefarious brand of wizardly fiction. For nearly two years now, we've been without any new outlets of Pottery, leaving us with a terrible case of the shakes -- one we attempted to cure by trying to get into a certain series of vampire romance novels. Though exponentially more erotic, these didn't give us the rush we needed. Inevitably, we turned to fanfic, which turned to slashfic, which turned to cosplay, which turned slashfic cosplay. We're in a bad place, friends.

Fortunately, we no longer have to worry about the gruesome perils of House-Elf bondage, as the film is coming out in just under 50 hours. At that point, we'll have ourselves a sizable fix for another year, at which point we'll get the two-part adaptation of the final book, at which point we'll commit ritual suicide, because, c'mon -- what else is there?

- DSi: 46,855 6,970 (17.48%)
- PSP: 32,849 6,060 (22.62%)
- Wii: 24,971 3,181 (14.60%)
- PS3: 11,196 114 (1.01%)
- DS Lite: 7,507 1,912 (34.17%)
- Xbox 360: 5,876 110 (1.91%)
- PS2: 3,734 156 (4.36%)

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