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Next World at War PC patch adds Map Pack 2

If your devout WASDing-and-mousing ways have turned you into a frequent player of Call of Duty: World at War on the PC, you'll be pleased to know that Treyarch hasn't forgotten about you. The oft-downloaded Map Pack 2 that hit Xbox 360 and PS3 last month will be making its way to PCs in World at War's next update, Patch 1.5.

According to Treyarch community manager J.D. (a.k.a. JD_2020 on the Treyarch forums), the patch is "in test right now, and is looking great." For those of you who remained spitefully out of the loop on the map bundle, it includes three standard levels -- Bonsai, Corrosion and Sub Pens -- and a swampy, undead-plagued stage called "Shi No Numa," which we believe is Japanese for "Oh crap, Zombies."

[Via Evil Avatar]

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