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One Shots: Fiery skies

When you've already made it to World of Warcraft's endgame, run a character or two up, raided, gathered all manner of extra achievements and the like, what are you to do? Why, start over! This excellent screenshot comes to us from Veng of the Lothar server, who tells us a bit more about it: The brilliant colors of the sky matched the burning farm as the young Death Knight wings away having rained destruction down from above. A good day's work. The Lich King will be pleased.

Do you have screenshots from a bit of high-flying adventure? If so, you should send those in to us - after all, aerial shots like this are better when you share the experience! Just pop them in an email to us at oneshots AT massively DOT com along with your name, the name of the game and a brief description. We'll share it with our readers and give you the credit!

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