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BlackBerry App World launching in more countries, languages this month

Chris Ziegler

RIM is expanding the reach of its on-device software catalog -- the so-called App World -- by taking it to ten new countries by the end of this month: Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Ireland, Austria, Luxembourg, Portugal, the Netherlands and Belgium. To accommodate the expansion, the company is also adding support for "more languages" (though it isn't saying exactly how many) including French, Italian, Spanish, and German. What's more, RIM plans on adding new software categories to make finding what you're looking for just a little bit easier and will be adding support for URLs, which -- when opened from your BlackBerry's browser -- will take you straight to an app's page in App World. No word on when the new features will launch, but RIM says it'll be firmed up "in the next few weeks."

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