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Japanese FFIV: The After Years release schedule revealed

Famitsu has revealed the Japanese release schedule for the episodes that make up Final Fantasy IV: The After Years. Following the July 21 release of the title's initial chapters, Square Enix will stagger episodic releases weekly and bi-weekly. Additional chapters for the game will be priced at 300 and 800 Wii Points.

Already into its seventh (of 13) chapter on the North American WiiWare store, The After Years tells the story of characters following the 1991 SNES classic Final Fantasy IV -- presumably in an effort for Square Enix to tease and ignore all fan desire for a actual Final Fantasy VII remake. The series originally debuted as a episodic mobile game, exclusively in Japan. The Japanese release schedule can be found after the break.


[via Andriasang]

  • July 28: Rydia Chapter
  • August 4: Yang Chapter
  • August 18: Palom Chapter
  • August 25: Edge Chapter
  • September 1: Porom Chapter
  • September 8: Gilbert Chapter
  • September 15: Tsuki no Min Chapter
  • September 29: Shingetsu Chapter Hoshikui

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