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One of the Idolmaster idols is a boy


The Idolm@ster: Dearly Stars is interesting for more than just being the first entry in Namco Bandai's rhythm game/management series on Japan's favorite console. It's notable in that it deals with some surprisingly complex topics for a bubbly anime-style game -- though, of course, they seem to be handled in the bubbliest, most anime-style way possible.

A few days ago, it was revealed that idol Hidaka Ai is the daughter of a former idol who had to leave the business after becoming pregnant with Ai at age 16. Now, a new video reveals that another of the idols, Akizuki Ryo, is a boy disguised as a girl. Who knew these fictional idols had such complicated lives? The news has actually increased interest among users of Japan's Nicovideo site.

The video, from Namco Bandai's own Idolm@ster channel on Nicovideo, is embedded after the break.

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