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Rage heading to QuakeCon, calm soon to follow?


id Software today announced that the upcoming rageahol-fueled FPS, Rage, will be heading to the company's yearly soirée, QuakeCon. The email we got from id billed the event as "the first look at the next revolution in FPS from id Software," a game we've been anxious to get our hands on since it was announced all the way back in 2007.

Wait, 2007?! And the game (er, "prototype") looked pretty good back then! With QuakeCon 2009 just four short weeks away -- and Gearbox Software showing off its strikingly similar-to-Rage shooter, Borderlands, this week to the press -- we're becoming mighty interested in who is going to win the desert death race ... of our hearts. In the meantime, we'll be entertaining ourselves with the strange new website/ARG/slow web thing that just launched around the game, After the Impact. Needless to say, we hope you'll be greatly impacted by your visit.

Thanks, folks -- we're here all night.

[Via Shacknews]

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