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Rumor: Resident Evil 4 for iPhone accidentally released, quickly pulled


Japanese iPhone / iPod Touch app site AppBank was evidently able to download a copy of Resident Evil 4: Mobile Edition from the region's App Store before it was pulled down, as evidenced by gameplay video and screenshots taken by the site. Touch Arcade picked up on the news, but details beyond the quasi-leaked media are scant. It appears that the game is -- as its title suggests -- a mobile version of RE4, and from the video it's clear that players have full control over Leon Kennedy's movement via an on-screen thumbstick, entering aiming mode when another icon is pressed.

We've put in word to Capcom's US division to find out exactly what we're looking at and how it seemingly slipped out. In the meantime, check out AppBank's video after the break.

[Via Touch Arcade; thanks, MagikOvenMit!]

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