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43 million killed: Battlefield 1943's Coral Sea unlocked on Xbox

Less than a week after festivities kicked off in the "Coral Sea Challenge" one group has amassed the 43 million kills required to unlock the titular map, Coral Sea, and the new Air Superiority mode. Xbox 360 players can load up Coral Sea right now and start shooting their friends and loved ones from the comfort of the skies. PS3 players will need another 21 million or so kills before they get to share in the festivities. And PC gamers ... well, since they're already required to wait an extra two months, they'll be getting Coral Sea gratis, no killing required, when it makes its way to that platform in September.

And who fired the lucky forty-three-millionth shot? That would be one "James" (gamertag: jkasapi) from Peterborough, England. With no small amount of irony involved, EA is gifting the obviously subterranean James with a pair of 1943 sunglasses, a 1943 t-shirt, and custom Battlefield sneakers, for when he goes "outside."

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