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A funny Microsoft ad? Yes

Mel Martin

I'm not a big fan of Microsoft marketing and promotion. The Seinfield/Gates ads left my scratching my head, and the Laptop Hunter ads really irritated me.

Now Microsoft has released a really clever marketing video, but apparently had to leave their regular (Mac loving) agency behind.

The video, called Microsoft Office 2010-The Movie (YouTube link) was made by Dennis Liu of Traffik Filmworks (we interviewed him last year). He had a free hand and a big checkbook, and the video that resulted is hip, clever, and fun to watch. We even get a quick glance of Clippy's grave.

I was beginning to think that Microsoft was suffering from a complete humor bypass, but this shot at building expectations and mindshare for Office 2010 is a sure winner.

And remember that Microsoft will offer a free, web based stripped down version sometime next year that supports the Mac on Safari or on FireFox.

Now what happened to Microsoft Bob?

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