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Cheese stick: second Wolfenstein motion comic recounts 'Spear of Destiny'


On the one hand, we think it's kind of cool that Activision is producing a series of short "video graphic novels" retelling the events of past Wolfenstein games leading up to the series' latest installment. On the other, we have to say that they're simply awful OK, they're sort of funny.

Released today, the second cheese-tastic chapter brings Spear of Destiny: A Wolfenstein Adventure to life through the magic of red & black Flash animation. For the uninitiated -- or, more likely, those who watch the comic and can't figure out what's happening -- this game actually served as a prequel to the first Wolfenstein and had players on a mission to steal the (drum roll, please) Spear of Destiny (a.k.a. the Holy Lance) from the Nazis before they could use it ... for evil!

The comic ends with series protagonist William "B.J." Blazkowicz using the fancy stick to slay a demon, an act that somehow manages to come off more hokey than heroic. That had to be what they were going for, right?

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